Mountain Fellowship offers our members many opportunities to serve  and utilize their spiritual gifts for God's Kingdom. Please view the information below on all of our ministries and opportunities to serve at Mountain Fellowship.


Armour Bearers - Assist with Bishop and First Lady needs.  

Attendants: Assist congregates in the parking area when needed.

Audio & Visual: Assist in preparation of sound, CD's, DVD's and Taping.

Beautification: Assist in maintenance and up keep of the facility.

Communion: Assist in preparing the Holy Sacrament for distrubution. 

Counseling: Assist in addressing real life challenges with bible based answers.

Children’s Church: Assist the spiritual developement of our children in a simplistic way. 

Christian Education: Assist in Discipleship training for the entire body.

Deacons: Directly assist the Bishop in the administration of the church.

Evangelism: Assist the Ministry in taking the church beyond the walls into the community.

Elders: Assist in the area of prayer, fasting, teaching, preaching, and administration.

Greeters/Ushers: Assist in giving a wonderful reception of members, visitors, and giving direction to congregates in the sanctuary. 

Intercessory Prayer: Assist in continued prayer for the Bishop and family, and the church.

Music: Assist in ushering in an atmosphere of praise and worship.

( M.I.T.) Ministers In Training : One on one instruction with the Bishop.

Men & Women’s Fellowship: Assist in empowerment for men and women.

New Member’s Orientation: Assist in an overview of the ministry to in coming members.

Pastoral Care: Assist the Bishop and Family with their physical needs. 

Praise Dance: Assist in ushering in an atmosphere of praise and worship through dance.

Seasoned Saints: Assist in providing special care of our seniors.

Youth & Young Adult: Assist in addressing relevant issues that the YYA face.

VBS: Assist in Vacation Bible School.